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Case Study 3 - Kernersville, NC
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Kernersville, NCOn February 1, 2009 we found ourselves fire victims. I don’t know how anyone can be prepared for something like this. I know we were not. A month or so after the fire we were working in what used to be our yard and Josh drove up. He explained he was a Public Adjuster with Full Recovery. We stopped working for a while to listen to him.

After he left we decided to fight Nationwide on our own. I actually told Josh, “We can’t afford to hire you.” Josh never gave up, he knew way before we did what Nationwide was going to do to us. Months went by, we hired an attorney, which was a total waste of money. He had no idea what he was doing. He simply took our money and accomplished nothing.

On a Sunday afternoon I called Josh and he answered his phone. He was shocked that I was the one calling him instead of my husband, Charlie. We hired Josh and Billie Jean and wished that we had hired them 7 months earlier. If Josh comes to your house or what is left of it, stop what you are doing and listen.

Thanks for not giving up on us Josh!

GC Davis - Kernersville, NC