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Our Story

We are Public Adjusters that personally suffered the devastation of a house fire. We started Full Recovery Public Adjusters, Inc so that no one else has to endure what we went through.

We can honestly say, we have been in your shoes.

Our insurance company was the sole reason we started Full Recovery.

When we were offered six thousand dollars out of a twenty five thousand dollar partial content claim, it was at that time we knew all the horrible stories regarding insurance companies were true. A few weeks before their offer I asked my agent if I should hire a Public Adjuster? Like you, we had never heard of a Public Adjuster. She said, "absolutely not, we will take good care of you". She even said there was no need to worry, we had a replacement policy. After we received the check I called her. I asked her to explain her comment on how we were going to be "taken care of"? She asked me, what do you mean?

josh and billiejeanI said we turned in a partial claim of twenty five thousand, our check was six thousand. I also asked her, how can we buy twenty five thousand dollars of our contents if we only have six thousand dollars? She was completely taken back, she was speechless. I could tell she had no idea why they made that low of an offer. I guess this explains why you don't see insurance agents and insurance adjusters working in the same office. One sells a promise and the other won't live up to it. One is paid a commission on premiums, the other is paid to keep the claim below the reserve set by management. We see as, a company, as many as 500 fires a year, maybe more. Most people are being taken advantage of and they have no idea until it's to late for us to help. This is why it's important to talk to us early in the claims process and never hire a fire restoration company unless you want to give all your money to someone else.

In almost every state there are 3 types of insurance adjusters, Company, Independent and Public Adjusters. Each adjuster is required to complete the same amount training and is licensed by each state. The difference, each of us has to decide who we work for. A Company Adjuster obviously works for the insurance company. The Independent Adjuster usually writes claims for smaller insurance companies or fills in and helps large companies during catastrophes, like hurricanes.

As a Public Adjuster we represent you. Our job is to establish the amount of the loss. It resembles the need to hire a lawyer to represent you against a lawsuit. However, this is a claim and a trained insurance adjuster would be a better fit since this is not a legal matter. If you were to need legal help we can refer you to counsel that are familiar with this type of legal issue.