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Case Study 2 - Durham, NC
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Durham, NCMy Father's home was destroyed by fire, he also perished in the fire. When I found out , I was devastated. After the shock had worn off and reality set in, I was so overwhelmed. I own a business, I was handling his estate and trying to handle my own life and family. It was too much. I received a call from Josh and we set an appointment to meet. He explained so clearly how the process works and what their services entail. I hired Josh and Billie Jean because I trusted them.

My Estate Attorney was furious because I had done this. "Why are you going to pay someone else when State Farm will do this for you" State Farm offered my Dad's estate $10,000.00 and my attorney never questioned the amount. When Josh and Billie Jean were finished, State Farm paid my Dad's estate $93,000.00.

Thanks for finding me Josh!

Kathy J. - Durham, NC