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Red Flags
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Advice and Red Flags

I travel all of North Carolina and most of Virginia talking to fire victims, each Family has a story to tell regarding their loss. When anyone spends this much time discussing the claims process you can't help but notice patterns forming as to how insurance companies settle their claims.

I have found myself trying to educate people as to why they should not hire anyone, especially a fire restoration company. I have nothing against any of theses companies but you need to understand something very important. If you hire a fire restoration company, most all of the money from your policy will go to them, instead of you.

This has been going on for years. We believe since you bought the policy, you should receive the settlement. In short, we advise everyone to settle the claim first. After you have settled and you know the budget you have to work with, get bids from 3 different contractors. This advice will avoid you from running out of money to repair or rebuild your home.

red-flag1. Do not hire anyone until your claim has settled. This means all fire restoration companies.
2. Do not hire anyone to clean your clothes or any hard items like furniture.
3. Use a note pad and take notes and keep everyone away from your property.
4. Protect your property from further damage. Tarp any holes in the roof and board up broken windows.
5. Never throw anything away.  Again, Never throw anything away.
6. Get educated: Google Anderson Cooper/Allstate and watch the video. This will help to explain what you're up against.
7. Slow down, don't get in a rush. There is no reason to hurry up and run out of money.
8. If you do not have a copy of your policy, request one from the adjuster. Do not be surprised if you never receive a copy.
9. After you have removed all important documents and any jewelery, leave everything else inside the home and lock it up. It's this simple.
10. Dial 252.425.5862. Everyone at Full Recovery knows how you feel and we are here to help.